Wednesday, 13 August 2008

farm pets, flood water & turned chair

august 13th :
a visit to wallace's farm shop for the artists meeting.
the animals are in their pens for the visitors to see...

i go out through hemyock and culmstock, retracing earlier routes to see what's changed:
floodwater hits the bridge in hemyock just beyond the neroche and aonb building,
this is the middle of summer
how do the fish deal with this?
where do the bank dwellers go?
how long can the butterflies wait?
the swifts left before the end of july, they must have sensed something
i wish i'd picked it up in the air too and made my exit
it's only 14 degrees c as i descend from hemyock

and the chair i photographed in may at a road junction outside culmstock...

... up-ended

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