Thursday, 10 July 2008

blog : 'geological'

...zooming around looking for like-mindedness, i came upon quantockdreaming, a project about the romantic poets and the quantocks which i remember being launched last year, but didn't know who had won the commission. this site by ralph hoyte and antony lyons is very interesting, and i came upon this striking quote and reference:

"A thought on the nature of blogs - including this blog - is that they are ‘geological’, or more precisely - sedimentary, they build up as layers, as does a geological sequence. The ‘axis’ is vertical; the past is buried, but also exposed to the prospector, the seeker. They tell a story - of a changing (mental) environment, and are open to ‘mapping’. I expect this seam to be explored further, and to emerge in the finale expo."

antony goes on to write about edward tufte:

While on this topic, it is impossible not to mention Edward R Tufte, and his beautiful assemblages of ‘informations’.

“The world is complex, dynamic, multidimensional; the paper is static, flat. How are we to represent the rich visual world of experience and measurement on mere flatland?.....To envision information - and what bright and splendid visions can result - is to work at the intersection of image, word, number, art. The instruments are those of writing and typography, of managing large data sets and statistical analysis, of line and layout and color”

One of the challenges in ‘Quantock Dreaming’ will be to consolidate the year’s explorations and journeys into a concise presentation which retains the essence of both place and process. An aspect of this is the search for a fusing, or juxtaposition, of on-the-ground response (i.e. local) with a remote-sensing element (eg satellite, aerial photos, web-search). The ‘remote’ is also the time away from the Quantocks, yet still thinking of the Quantocks. (All thinking is anyway ‘remote’)"

quoted from Antony Lyons
Blogging : Winter Walking + Map Musings (AL)

i feel very similarly about the neroche project, and it was good to read antony's insightful thoughts.

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