Friday, 27 June 2008

staple fitzpaine : doomsday 2008

From the Doomsday Book for Somerset:
"The Count holds STAPLE (fitzpaine) himself. Two thanes held it before 1066; it paid tax for 10 hides. Land for 9 ploughs, of which 7 hides are in lordship; 3 ploughs there; 6 slaves;
20 villagers with 6 ploughs & 3 hides. A mill which pays 30d; meadow, 24 acres; pasture 1/2 league long and 1 furlong wide; woodland 1 league long and 2 furlongs wide. 1 cob; 10 unbroken mares; 10 cattle; 50 sheep; 100 goats. the value was £10; now £12. A garden in Langport belongs to this manor; it pays 50 eels."

i passed through staple fitzpaine to see what I could find for a contemporary entry: i sat in the car observed by neighbourhood watch, made a cloud, and then went in search

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