Wednesday, 30 January 2008

artist's plan - january 30

- to make a lasting piece of work for the neroche project, which will be realised as a video/sound work (possibly supported by image/text work) both as a complete work in itself, and in small, randomly accessible sections for handheld computer (pda).

- the overall aim of the work will be to present a different yet complimentary perspective on the neroche landscape, something which can work alongside the other works produced, yet has the capacity to be more unusual in form and content.

- the work will take as its starting point and will explore:
the migratory, the transient, the passing through - species, flora, fauna, weather, light, human history, satellite and flight paths, walking routes both ancient and contemporary, commuter routes, transport lines, and will explore these thematics in relation to time - geological time, seasonal time, clock measurement and imaginative time.

- one or two examples may be tracked from each selected area (eg a species of butterfly, bird, one geological layer, flight path, lived life) to create a sense of a shifting, moving inter-connected landscape and culture rather than a notion of fixed locality - it’s a work that promotes a porous, moving landscape in dialogue with the other, the non human, the phenomenal.

- significant sources and influences: the here-paths, the perimeter boundary, the neroche map, a vertical cross section of the landscape, google earth images.
specific interviews will happen as part of the work with people in relationship to Neroche - eg. a natural historian, a long term inhabitant, a transient traveller, a child perhaps - and these voices would be worked in with collected and found sound/image.

- relationships would be worked between what’s mapped and what’s experienced, the visible and the invisible, the paths in relation to their endings/beginnings, the satellite image in relation to the eye and ear level perspective, the patterns made by nature/culture set in relief to the process of continual change.
- the research: a series of walks through neroche on the paths and along the perimeter, interviews with 3-4 specialists in species/locality movement, using video, images and sound.

- the composition: will be determined by materials gathered, and very probably assembled in specific relationship to a measurement/time/shape directly taken from the neroche project eg. the neroche map with here-path routes and boundary. the work proposed is ambitious, a little uncontrollable and wide-ranging so it has to be distilled, simple and very focused during the making.

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